Turnstyle Switch (for Forrest Boost Coil 2-Pickup Sets)


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Turnstyle Switch for Forrest Lee Custom Guitars Boost Coil 2-Pickup Sets

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Wired control plate with special switching that gives you 3 additional pickup combinations/tones AND takes full advantage of the Forrest Lee Boost Coil pickups by Jeff Callahan.  Controls include 3-way selector switch, master volume, and master tone.   The volume pot has an S-1 switch.  When in the "up" position, gives you the stock 3 pickup combinations (bridge, bridge+neck, neck).  Switching to the "down" position gives you series "humbucker" tone, Tele Thinline tone, and a cocked wah tone.  The tone control has a push-pull switch built into it that activates the Boost Coil in both pickups to get that signature Forrest Lee 2kHz bump.