Boost-Coil Pickups
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Boost-Coil Pickups

Number of Pickups: 1-Bridge Only
Handed: Right
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Custom designed pickups by Forrest Lee and Jeff Callahan

Forrest wanted a pickup with even tone and came up with the idea of using 1/4" alnico 3 magnets for the E and A strings, a 3/16" alnico 3 magnet for the D string that is .030" higher and 3/16" alnico 2 magnets for the G, B and little E strings.

They are scatter wound to 8.12k and produce a slightly hotter output that standard pickups, with and even snappy but smooth tone. We have a brand new design for coil tapping, to get an even hotter tone, by tapping the coil for more output.

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